My "to Do" List

For future reference. To be continued, always.
  1. Play pond hockey.
    Hoping to knock this one sooner than later. January 2016, to be exact. The U.S. Pond Hockey Championship in Minnesota.
  2. Go to Alaska.
    I want to stay in a cabin and see the Northern Lights. I also want to see a real iceberg.
  3. Go back to Palawan with friends.
    I can't even imagine the memories that could be made by going back to this incredible yet affordable tropical paradise vacation in the Philippines with my closest friends.
  4. Own a dog.
    A black French bulldog named Puck.
  5. Start a new business.
    I'm older and much wiser now. I certainly wouldn't start another business the same way. And I wouldn't start from nothing. I don't know what. I don't know when. But I think I'd like to get my hands into another project someday.
  6. Follow the lyrics to "Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse" by Minus The Bear
    Sounds silly but I think it would be fun. And romantic, but I'd need a partner which could take some time. It also requires me to "cross the sea" to France and "get some culture." Stay in a "two star hotel" and "sit on a park bench that's older than my country". "Red wine with every meal and absinthe after dinner". Not too shabby.
  7. Minus The Bear lyrics, part II
    Pachuca Sunrise. "Midnight on a beach in the Mediterranean." This could also fulfill my need to travel to Greece. Yes please.
  8. To be continued..