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I have some hoarder tendencies
  1. TV
    What if I need to return it? Yes it's been 3 years and the place I bought it from has shut down. What if I need the perfect sized box for it when I move?
  2. Microphone
    It's just really nice and I don't wanna throw it away
  3. A 12 set of pots and pans
    It's the perfect size to keep all my large pots/pans. Also I use the photo on the box to know what types of pans I have.
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  1. YAS
    Use this to confirm a brunch date with a friend or to spice up your texting game and let people know "Hey! I'm sassy"
  2. YAAAS!
    Perfect reply to when your best friend's in town and you want to show HOW excited you are
  3. YAAAAAAS!!!
    When your best friend surprises you with front row seats to NICKI MINAJ
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