1. Girl at the rock show
    Tells a story. Has a great rhythm. But still a jam every 18-22 year old will sing the lyrics to at a college party
  2. I miss you
    Great beginning but a better second verse. His accent alone makes for a miraculous karaoke jam. Only issue is the theme.
  3. The party song
    Tyler found a remix that makes me feel young again. Also tells a story of meeting girls at parties. And it's kinda spot on. Thanks to blink and thanks to lefty.
  4. All the small things
    Been some before so I'm upset putting this here. But get real. It's their most well known song for a reason. It catchy. That's it.
  5. Adams song
    Really sad. If you've ever upset your mother you'll understand. Never spill the juice in the hall. It leaves a stain. Please.