A current list is a dangerous request. A month from now it could look ridiculous, but by then this list app craze may be over. Let's get started
  1. Easy Love by Sigala
    Easy love? Easy choice. First song I listen to every morning I leave the house. I've been all in on the tropical house phenomenon since last summer. Chill, fun, instills confidence aka the reason for a lot of awkward smiles to pretty girls. The fact that it remixes the Jackson 5 classic ABC is extraordinary. First time I heard it my mind melted a bit.
  2. The Party Song by Blink 182 (Share Remix)
    See reasons above. Only difference is it combines blink 182 with tropical house instead of the legendary Jackson 5. Blink is legendary in it's own right. I love that it's one of those lesser known songs, too. Great theme. Always remember: some girls try too hard.
  3. He Mele No Lilo (Lilo and Stitch soundtrack)
    Hawaiian lyrics? What a treat! When the chorus jumps in the third time it's a children's choir that I'd like to perform on e. my wedding day. Plus I always picture Stitch getting into shenanigans and Lilo's smokin hot sister. Bonus points there.
  4. Over the Hills and Far Away by Led Zeppelin
    Led Zeppelin absolutely cracks the list. Hopefully this illustrates the wild variety of music I jump to on a 25 minute trek to the business building. Beautiful introduction. Jimmy Paige may not sing, but his guitar certainly does. It's impossible for anyone to ask to turn this song off. You're a monster if you do and I'd like no part of you for all of eternity.
  5. S.O.B by Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats
    I'd love to be able to compare this to another song but it's alone in a genre. Combination of rock and roll and folk music sort of. Lyrically sound verses and then a jammin chorus. Probably one of the coolest songs I've ever heard. Ole Joe Cool actually showed it to me. "If this was older I would have sang it to you when you were a baby." Weird but shows he's a big fan.
  6. Sitting, Waiting, Watching by Jack Johnson
    Always been my favorite Jack song. Chiller than chill. Fantastic rhythm. Your classic foot tapping song. Unfortunately I can't simultaneously walk and foot tap.
  7. Save Dat Money by Lil Dicky
    Dangerous because if it's too loud it seems like I'm blasting Fetty Wap, not my intention ever. But the song is hilarious. Dicky spits. We all know it. Rich Homie Quan's verse is...dare I say...fire? Would be higher on the list if his verse didn't get cut off. Just be sure you put on the song not the full video. Adds about three minutes of nonsense.
  8. For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield
    Will always be in my top ten. A jam of magnificent proportions. Buffalo Springfield is asking the children what that sound is? It's music at the purest form Buff. Thank you.
  9. Highway 20 Ride by Zac Brown Band
    A beautiful song performed by ZBB. I knew I had to choose one by them. It was difficult leaving out Day that I Die, Free, the Wind, Toes and so on and so forth. But this one tells the best story. It's like I'm listening to music and an audio book at the same time.
  10. The Mortal Kombat Theme Song
    Listened to this before every exam and many quizzes during my college career. Single greatest pump up song of all time. Fast paced, heavy rock and all without the screaming. Also brings me back to a simpler time when I thought being a ninja was a stable career choice. We'll see how different this list is in a month, but for now. I'm very happy with it. Thank you for your attention and may god bless you all.