1. Tyler
    Disappointing to disappoint. Tears are guaranteed if he rolls his eyes at you
  2. Murph
    Offered up his house for spring break. Wouldn't be number two if it wasn't for his mom miraculously curing hangovers
  3. Vince
    It's me. Want comfortable putting myself anywhere but the middle
  4. Danny
    Falls down the list because of his high moral standards. Still has a cute face. On a good year would be paired with Sam to maximize his potential.
  5. Kev
    Great guy. Speaks his mind. At times can be miraculous. Sometimes gets him into trouble. Heard e has a big ego. I disagree but that's the message being sent from last years Third pick steph. Teams listen to their top young players witch unfortunately drops this great talent to 5. Knows how to tuck a golf shirt in. Talks of getting a tattoo. Would probably jump him up to 4 unless it's a cross on his big right bicep. Long bio but necessary to inform of all skills.