1. Table Tennis
    The energy involved is glorious. Competition has never been more intense. Grew up with a table on my basement so I know the dedication it takes to get to that level. Also, is a sport played with honor.
  2. Water Polo
    A secretly physical sport. The recent introduction of the underwater cameras shows a great deal of kicking. Incredible stamina is required. Team USA normally puts on a grand performance.
  3. Gymnastics (ladies)
    From Shawn Johnson in 2008 to Mckayla Maroney in 2012, these girls are a treat to watch. Only issue is the older I get, the creepier I feel for watching. But the vault is a spectacle of epic proportions.
  4. Basketball (men's)
    Team USA is the john cena of the summer Olympics. Alley oops galore make for an enjoyable time had with friends or family.
  5. Beach volleyball
    Even the men's game is fun to watch. The team of misty may treanor and Kerri Walsh defines my childhood summers. Only issue is they could have been better to look at.