Where do I even begin?
  1. Mama's French Toast Casarole
    I pity who hasn't tried this legendary dish before. French toast cooked to perfection with cinnamon raisin bread. Mouth currently watering just thinking about it. Doesn't even need syrup. Great for breakfast lunch or my personal favorite...brunner (breakfast for dinner).
  2. Mama's Chicken Salad
    A go to request when I head back to school. The key here? Grapes. I know it sounds weird but grapes in a chicken salad is fucking wild. Put it on a roll. Eat it plain. Main course. Side course. It doesn't matter. Shits delicious ladies and gentlemen.
  3. Papa's Boboli Pizza
    Still not really sure what a boboli is but that's what my dad calls his homemade pizza. Every dad has their go to dish. This one is Joe Cools. He always throws some extra mozzarella on it, olive oil to give it that grease and normally some onions and tomatoes. Always an exciting time when the announcement is made that dad is making his world famous boboli. Open a damn pizza place in Sea Isle already Pops.
  4. Mama's and Papa's Burgers
    Mom rolls up the ground meat. Dad hits the grill. Teamwork makes the dream work. Arguably the greatest burgers I've ever had. Mom does the dirty work and dad normally gets the glory. Don't worry Mary, your kids recognize who the MVP of this dish is.
  5. Mama's Mac N Cheese
    Every mom makes amazing homemade Mac n cheese. Mine is no different. Sometimes will mix some sort of meat into it. Well done mother. Well done.
  6. Mama's Filet Mignon
    Literally melts in your mouth. It took years but she finally found the perfect way to cook it. Always expect sautéed onions on top. Pull out A1 and I'll kill you. Not necessary with these steaks.
  7. Mama's Pasta
    She makes so many different kinds I couldn't pick one. Baked rigatoni, baked ziti, lasagna, gnocchi. I could go on and on. Normally would be a Wednesday pasta thing when I was younger. Never appreciate those nights enough. Sorry I didn't say thank you more mom.
  8. Papa's Omelettes
    Woah did joe cool just crack the list again? His omelettes are actually incredible. He puts the absolute perfect amount of cheese for a glorious proportion of eggs to cheese. Always has onions, peppers and sausage in it. When pops is cooking breakfast don't expect any complaints from ya boy.
  9. Papa's Oatmeal
    Are you kidding me?!?!? No joke. Another joe cool sighting. The key here is brown sugar. Is I the healthiest oatmeal? No way. But is it the most delicious? You betcha. The dude loads it up with brown sugar. Preach.
  10. Mama's Sweet Potatoes
    Aaaaaaand joe cools Cinderella run comes to an end. You've never had sweet potatoes like this. Takes hours to complete. But here's the kicker. Roasted marshmallows on top. Sounds strange I know, but it's sooooo good. Just make sure you're not at the end of the rotation when it's passed around or the marshmallows might be gone. Has ruined my night before.