1. Spongebob and Patrick
    Everyone wishes they had a best bud relationship like these 2. The majority of episodes involve them goofing around but there's a few where they feud like the fry cook Olympics one, but they always wind up walking off into the sunset together. Spongebob=kind-hearted and loving. Patrick=loyal and #upforwhatever. Wouldn't be surprised if they take advantage of gay marriage becoming legal in an upcoming season. They'd be phenomenal parents.
  2. Turk and JD
    This Scrubs duo is absolutely classic. Definition of bromance. Another case of a multi-racial duo. From creating the worlds tallest doctor, bonding over a stuffed do go the patented "EAGLEEEE," they just work it. Great duos are better with personal nicknames. Super chocolate bear and vanilla bear is both cute and shows strong male ties. Also the both of them seem like they give satisfying manly hugs. Lastly, Turk always makes JD look cooler.
  3. Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute
    Was sort of superficial throughout the series because Dwight only kisses ass because Michael is the boss and Michael constantly treats Dwight like dirt. However, they're so different which makes them fantastic. Series finale Michael comes back for the D-mans wedding. Dwight also breaks his oath of honor to prevent Michael from eating some poisonous mushrooms in the survivor man episode. Plus they're close enough to watch Armageddon together on NYE
  4. Jonah and Moses
    Little less renowned for the brothers from Tonga but let me be clear, these dudes straight up love one another. Jonah is a total fuckboy dirtball except when it comes to his rat tailed brother. Only things Jonah really cares about is getting his Tongan dick tattoo on his chest and getting Moses' singing career goin. They harmonize like Ball in the House, too. "Island girl, I want to see your boobies" is a song only great friends could wore together. Moses would also beat some ranga ass for Jonah
  5. Drake and Josh
    Hug me brotha! They're not blood related so not true brothers. But god damn do they act like it. Always surprised they beer won any emmy's. Similar to sponge and Pat they'll feud every now and then, but great teenage lessons are learned. They often mix their soda flavors together which is cute af bro. Josh putting up with Drake's douchey cool guy attitude and stupidity goes a long way. Drake putting up with Josh's super spaz attitude goes further. I wonder if Megan is hot now
  6. Spoiler alert: she is