The most sensational superstars to ever grace the wwe
  1. Undertaker
    May not have the belts to warrant this position, but his wrestlemania record makes him the most sensational superstar of all time. His biker taker transformation was just a cherry on top.
  2. John Cena
    15 time champ. Needs to defeat undertaker at wrestlemania than the top spot is his
  3. Stone Cold
    Would chug about four beers after each victory. Once stunnered the whole McMahon family. Sensational.
  4. The Rock
    The most electrifying superstar the wwe has ever seen. "Can you smellllllll what the rock is cookin" is known across the globe.
  5. Triple H
    Longevity is key here. From DX to Evolution to manager of raw, the guy pedigrees and wins. That's it