1. Study business marketing at Purdue
  2. Live in Northwest Indiana
  3. Have a Labrador/Pit Bull named Athena who I love very much
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  4. A beautiful girlfriend who will remain nameless because she hates social media
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  5. Work at Kohls with my best friends since middle school
  6. Weekdays: Water / Weekends Sprite
  7. Aspiring shoe photographer for brands like Saucony, Diadora, New balance, and Asics
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  8. Nature > City
  9. Music is important but limiting myself to one genre is unfair
  10. Mode of transportation: Toyota Rav4
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  11. Enjoy thrifting because I can't justify spending more than 5 dollars on a flannel shirt
    However I spend 100-200 on a pair of shoes.
  12. I love playing baseball but hate watching it, it's too slow
  13. Go Blackhawks!