1. "So you're all set for money, then?" the boy named Crow asks in his typical sluggish voice.
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  2. When the phone rang I was in the kitchen, boiling a potful of spaghetti and whistling along with an FM broadcast of the overture to Rossini's The Thieving Magpie, which has to be the perfect music for cooking pasta.
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  3. I often dream about the Dolphin Hotel.
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  4. I was thirty-seven then, strapped in my seat as the huge 747 plunged through dense cloud cover on approach to the Hamburg airport.
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  5. In the spring of her twenty-second year, Sumire fell in love for the first time in her life.
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  6. It was a short one-paragraph item in the morning edition.
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  7. The elevator continued its impossibly slow ascent.
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  8. The taxi's radio was tuned to a classical FM broadcast.
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  9. From July of his sophomore year in college until the following January, all Tsukuru Tazaki could think about was dying.
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  10. Eyes mark the shape of a city.
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  11. My birthday's the fourth of January, 1951.
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