1. Stand right in front of the doorway.
  2. Fully lean on a support pole as to not allow anyone else to grab it.
  3. Playing music, without using headphones.
  4. In trains with connected cars, walking from one to the other, crop dusting.
  5. Someone standing too close when your leaning on a door on a side that doesn't open.
  6. When your reading a paper and you hear the person beside you sigh louder then usual because your a slow reader and they want you to turn the page.
  7. Boarding a train slowly when people are trying to get on behind them.
  8. Same as point above, but they stop right inside the doors to try and lean on them when they close, but their not the last one getting on the train.
  9. People with bikes, during rush hour, and they have no good way to place them so they take up the space of 5 people.
  10. Not taking off your backpack when it's crowded.
  11. When crowded, using an xtra seat for personal stuff, or backpack.
  12. Eating horrible home cooked food.
  13. Don't stop talking for announcements so you end up missing or can't hear them.
  14. Speed talking loudly because trying to cram a whole conversation worth of instructions before going back into the tunnel always seems like a good idea.
  15. Aggressive pandering or begging. If I say no twice.. move on.