1. "Virginia you get prettier every day"
  2. "You look good when I'm drunk"
  3. "You look pretty today"
  4. "Are your eyelashes fake?"
  5. "You have nothing to be insecure about"
  6. "You look happy."
  7. "You're a strong writer"
  8. "You have no idea how pretty you are"
  9. "You're actually not an ugly crier"
  10. "I love your boobs"
  11. "You're really smart."
  12. "Your ears are big. You still cute tho"
  13. "You're gonna look bad as fuck in your twenties!"
  14. "You have a beautiful smile"
  15. "You look just like your sister"
  16. "You a cute lil snowbunny"
  17. "Pussy looking fat as fuck today"