1. Future
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    Listening to him talk is enough for a good date. His voice is incredibly soothing and super hot. I am heavily heavily attracted to it.
  2. Joe Biden
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    So wise, so rational, you can have me.
  3. Trevor Noah
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    Actually a pretty funny guy! His ears are a plus. The accent is a teeny bit annoying, but at least it'd be an entertaining and fun date.
  4. Aziz Ansari
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    The most WOKE man in 2015. Shoutout to him for Master of None. Does it get any better than that?! Ugh yes Aziz I love when you respect women and minorities yes respect us yesssss
  5. Drake
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    Sorry-2013 Drake. He's too swole now. He can wear a 2015 sweater tho. And sing to me a lil, until I cry myself to sleep.
  6. Tiger Woods
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    Okay, young Tiger. I'm talking 19. Look at his face. He's one of the most attractive men on the face of the planet. AND he golfs?! Fucking dick me down NOW, 19 year old Tiger Woods.
  7. Tyler, the Creator
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    At a point in my life, I swore I'd never be happy if. didn't end up marrying Tyler. I'm over it now, but he's pretty damn funny, pretty damn cute, and pretty damn talented.
  8. Chance the Rapper
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    Yes cutie! I love you. Probably naming one of my kids after you. Your music is unique and interesting and you're a cute dancer and I'll get over the whole acid thing. Though you aren't super photogenic, I still love you and know you cute in person.
  9. Barack Obama
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    He ages so well, and I feel disrespectful for this because Michelle is my mom. But Obama is hot. And down af. And he actually has a real sense of humor. Also those photoshopped pictures of him with those different haircuts had me dead, he's adorable.
  10. A$AP ROCKY
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    The number one most flawless human being on the planet. EVEN if he weren't a great rapper, awesome singer, badass actor, or fashion killa, he would still be number one. But the fact that he adds all that to his resume, makes him some sort of an unearthly being. Nobody is as blessed as him with his perfect jawline and perfect skin and perfect smile and perfect body and voice and laugh. Rakim Mayers, you are an angel.