Requested by @maddiecalls
  1. I suppose I would start with my first item. Perhaps the best of them. Or am I counting down? The terms were unclear.
  2. With the second item I decide this is a countdown: Top Six Reasons I'm making this list!
  3. Third item! Halfway there. Great. Fourth best reason I'm making this list to... Share my unique ranking of why I'm making this list, because I see the world kinda, I don't know, differently.
  4. Third best reason I'm listing this shit? Wait am I allowed to swear? Fuck.
  5. 2: I want to prove how clever and interesting and consequently sexually and romantically desirable I am by making an ironic, deconstructed "list"... Ladies.
  6. TOP NUMBER-ONE BEST REASON I'M MAKING THIS, MY FIRST LIST: I hope you're happy, @maddiecalls