just a few observations from the daily rut.
  1. Indian stock market officially entered a bubble
  2. It's hard to identify a bubble it's harder to time one. What do we mortals know.
  3. IPOs in India are a scam. They are mostly launched when markets are in a bubble hurting investors for years. Radio City is coming up with an IPO
  4. George Soros sounds foolish till the markets are behaving they way you want them to. He starts making complete sense when market looses it's marbles. Both up and down.
  5. Movies are by far the biggest generator of stereotypes. It becomes very important to know whoes money is involved to understand what stereotype is being pushed.
  6. Dosa, biryani, Momo's and idli are national dishes of India. You find them in all 29 states.
  7. Losing weight isn't about burning calories it's about oxygen intake the whole damn world has got it wrong.