1. Best: Omni Dallas
    Bathroom mirror has a TV in it. No need to say more
  2. Best: Kindness Hotel in Taiwan (originally a Japanese chain)
    Whole host of free amenities like light meal buffet ticket every day (with great noodle soup/real food), ice cream you can help yourself to anytime, laundry machines w/ detergent included, a sphygmomanometer if you should so need (and know what that is)
  3. Best: Park Plaza Beijing Wangfujing
    Pillow menu! Including green tea pillow. Actually I tried to order one and never got it, but that's when I knew there was a new hotel level to aspire to
  4. Worst: the one where the shower was so small and the door stupidly swung inward so you couldn't actually get in comfortably
    Blocked it from my memory so don't remember the name
  5. Worst: inn/motel in Melbourne that smelled like old people