I don't work for a fancy tech company that provides gourmet chefs, catering from local restaurants, cold brew on tap/onsite baristas, or even a 24/7 stocked pantry full of snacks *gasp* so it's pretty exciting when to get that 3 pm floor-wide email "leftover pizza in the kitchen!" This is what I wish for from the corporate gods from most to least
  1. Leftovers from another team's potluck
  2. Something homemade, usually of the baked variety 🍰
    I once had the pleasure of finding Frozen-themed cupcakes. Looked amazing (professionally decorated but you could tell they were homemade, maybe because they didn't look scarily perfect clones of each other) but tasted just ok
  3. Pizza 🍕
  4. Breakfast food (donuts, pastries, bagels, fresh fruit! etc.) 🍩
    Bonus points if there's fresh squeezed OJ
  5. Cookies 🍪
    Fingers crossed that's chocolate chip not oatmeal raisin
  6. Pasta salad/sides from the standard mandated corporate caterer
  7. Sandwiches from the standard mandated corporate caterer
    Usually only veggie wraps left...or tuna fish sandwiches. Can be an actually exciting item when there's a new sandwich type in the rotation... Or anything with pesto