1. This is Bandit. He was Benjamin before we adopted him but the Benjamin Buttons theme didn't jive.
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  2. This is Buttons. He's turning 1 soon!
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  3. What a baby!
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  4. They were found playing in a park together.
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  5. So obviously we had to adopt them both.
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  6. They're the best of friends.
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  7. Sometimes they fight...ok they fight a lot
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  8. But mostly they really love each other!
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  9. They love getting the mail
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  10. Bandit gets the best naps in his thunder shirt
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  11. Don't know where he'll nap now that he ruined the couch
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  12. They believe in world peace
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  13. And they're ready to take justice into their own hands
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  14. As long as there's snacks involved
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  15. But sometimes life is hard
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  16. Like when the Rangers lose
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  17. And all you want is someone to rub your belly
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