Easter is a pretty big deal in my family, so I was a bit bummed out to be missing this year's reunion. Plus both my roommates went away for the weekend so I tried my best not to get too depressed about being all alone in Germany when my entire family was celebrating together 800km from here. Here's what I did instead.
  1. Invited French friends over on Saturday - we drank wine and laughed a lot
    Cliché yes, but always effective to cure homesickness
  2. Went to church on Sunday morning
    Wine + daylight savings made it difficult for me to get up at 8 but I'm glad I did. Beautiful mass, learnt a lot of new German words
  3. Watched The Sopranos for a ridiculous amount of time
    It was raining like hell outside, I had an excuse not to leave my couch (as if I needed one anyway)
  4. Did laundry
    That was necessary
  5. Tried to do a bit of fitness
    Ended up dancing to the first album of Vampire Weekend
  6. Took a bath
    I don't even like baths
  7. Slept till 11 on Monday then went to a café
    I tend to work more efficiently on my dissertation there than in the library. Today though the wifi didn't work and I got nothing done
  8. Walked back home under heavy rain
    Sun shone through as soon as I reached my doorstep, natürlich
  9. Ate paprika-Basel-cream spaghetti at 4:30
    While watching La Classe Américaine on YouTube
  10. Did literally nothing else at all. That was an objectively bad weekend
    I literally didn't talk to another human being during those two days — café order aside
  11. Oh, but I managed to gather the strength to change my bed sheets
    I am now going to forget everything about this lousy weekend and enjoy the feeling of fresh sheets after a long day 🙏🏻