1. 1997 : Catching frogs in Mauritius
  2. 1999-2004 : Surfing down the stairs on an old mattress at our grandma's house
  3. 2000 : Playing cards for hours on our shared bed in Senegal
  4. 1996-2005 : Watching cartoons every Sunday night in our parents room
  5. 2001-2012 : Fishing trips with our Dad
  6. 2010-2015 : Fast and Furious marathons
  7. 2004 : Him going after the boy that pushed me so hard I fell on the ground during recess
  8. 1999-2004 : Long drives in the back seat where we made up our own games
  9. 1997-2005 : Baking with our grandma on the marble kitchen table
  10. 1998 : The birth of our little brother when we agreed he was too ugly to be related to us and decided to ask our parents to leave him at the hospital
    Our parents surprisingly didn't pay any attention to our concern and brought him home. We were pleased to find out that he was steadily taking a normal human form as time went by -- and not staying this little red puffy monster we had first seen.