1. The view from my previous apartment.
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    Ile de France, France.
  2. The view from my current apartment.
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    Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany.
  3. That one time I actually cooked for myself on a Sunday.
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  4. The inside of baroque churches is a never ending source of happiness.
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    Franche Comté, France.
  5. Bis.
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    Catalonia, Spain.
  6. Ter.
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    Île de France, France.
  7. This philosopher guy with the same name as one of my worst enemies but who looks pretty chill.
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  8. That time when I had spent a really bad night and woke up to snow the next morning realizing everything was going to be just fine.
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    Île de France, France.
  9. This photo of my friends eating pizza on the cold ground of the sidewalk (yes ok I joined them right after I took this)
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    Nord, France.
  10. A picture of my mom at age 20.
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