I've lived in Germany for 2 years, glad to come back home but there's some stuff I got accustomed to.
  1. Not getting side eyed as you order just beer for the entire evening
    I like beer, I'll choose it over a cocktail anytime, sue me.
  2. My roommate Ina bringing me tea whenever I was feeling a bit down
    That was the unwritten rule of the house. If someone seems blue, don't ask them about what's bothering them, bring them tea and let them talk about it if they want to and just offer company if they don't.
  3. Being able to find cruelty free cosmetics for a reasonable price just about everywhere you go
    Ok ok France, your products are fancy and amazing, but I'm not especially fond of having a bad conscience every time I apply moisturizer.
  4. Having fresh cut flowers around the house
    Typically the type of stuff I would absolutely never buy for myself. Still really nice to look at.
  5. Being able to ignore France's political mess
    Oh God. I'm mortified every single time I put the news on. I was better off in Westphalia, focusing on just the major points and not having the nonsense thrown at my face every day.
  6. Having people complimenting me on my language skills
    I've always been ashamed of my German – always found it a bit weak. This year I realized I could actually talk about pretty much anything in German and get understood. Grammar is still a nightmare but what can you do ?