I left France to live in Germany for a year, two months in I'm already feeling homesick. Let's get all nostalgic and stuff.
  1. Beer
    Quite ironic given where I now live. But I don't drink it so much anymore and I miss this particular one I used to take every week with my friends in a small bar in the 5th arrondissement. 4€ for the pint, it's a really bad beer but it tastes like home.
  2. Having my mom nearby
    That soothing feeling that no matter what happens your mom is only 40 minutes away if you need her is something so precious.
  3. Seeing well dressed people everywhere
    I don't know what causes it but you can walk the metro's hallway anytime and come across at least 3 people looking like they're the materialized form of a Vogue cover. All I see here are people with fluo jackets and ill-fitted jeans.
  4. Tartiflette
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    THIS RIGHT HERE. Potatoes, onions, lard, cream and Reblochon. (Reblochon is a French cheese the Germans didn't find relevant to import, but what can you expect from a country where Currywurst-inspired McDonalds hamburgers are even a thing) My God this is the meal that makes me wish for wintertime in July.