But apparently it's not THAT relevant, like, whatever ...
  1. I know the complete list of the Oscars best actor/actress (first & second role) winners since the year 1997.
    My passion in life is watching acceptance speeches (I have to admit I cry during some of them).
  2. I know how to dismantle and put a rifle back together in less than 2 minutes.
    Military school you guys, I don't own a firearm.
  3. I know the fourth act of Phèdre by heart.
    A play by Jean Racine. In this act King Thésée, who everyone thought was dead, returns to his home only to find that his son (Hippolyte) has made a move on his wife (Phèdre) during his absence. He is really pissed but actually it was a trick from Oenone (Phèdre's confidante) who accused Hippolyte when in fact Phèdre was the one with all the feelings ! Phèdre feels bad and all but when she learns that Hippolyte loves someone else she loses it and let Thésée throw a tantrum and exile his own son.
  4. I can write straight on a blank paper.
    So many letters written to my grandma over the years, the habit sets in.