1. Adele
    Her new album, 25, instantly became one of the best selling album releases of all of time and blew everyone's minds, selling 3.38 million copies during the first week
  2. Brian Williams
    After "misremembering" his Iraq War story the NBC Nightly News anchor was suspended
  3. Charlie Hebdo
    On January 7th, two gunmen opened fire on the magazines headquarters killing twelve
  4. Donald Trump
    Unfortunately this lunatic finally decided this would be the year he would finally run for President and he has been frightening the world with his obtuse declarations
  5. Electoral campaigns
    The presidential primary campaigns have been in full force this year, as well as Canada's federal election campaigns during the summer
  6. Feminism
    Feminism has been a major issue this year and many celebrities like Emma Watson have been trying to tackle the issue globally
  7. Greece
    They defaulted on their debt payments to the IMF, being the first developed country to do so and later held a referendum where the population votes against the implementation of strict bailout terms
  8. Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton has been picking up steam during her presidential primary's campaign and seemingly may have a shot this time around
  9. ISIS
    ISIS has been executing attacks globally throughout the year, culminating in an attack in Paris in November killing 130 civilians.
  10. Justin Trudeau
    In October his Liberal government won a surprise majority parliament over the Conservatives after their decade long time in power
  11. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
    Whether you like them or not they caused major headlines when they welcomed their newborn son and named him Saint West
  12. LGBT
    Ireland and the United States legalize same sex marriage. And Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair article was released introducing herself to the world as Caitlyn
  13. Mass shootings
    Mass shootings have become a major problem in the U.S, causing major debate about gun control. See the Washington Post's list about the issue for some disheartening facts Facts About Mass Shootings in the u.s.
  14. Nuclear Deal
    Preliminary nuclear deal framework was reached with Iran, in which they have agreed to redesign their nuclear facilities to a safe level
  15. Open Embassies
    The U.S finally reopened their embassy in Cuba after decades long diplomatic tensions
  16. Pluto
    The world finally got detailed photos of Pluto when the New Horizons spacecraft flew by this summer
  17. Quentin Tarantino
    This Christmas he is releasing his long awaited Western film The Hateful Eight
  18. Refugee Crisis
    The refugee crisis has severely escalated this year with the continued civil war in Syria with around 4 million displaced refugees trying to find home in foreign countries
  19. Star Wars
    The 7th film in the Star Wars franchise is getting the entire world excited for its release in a few days and is estimated to break many box office records
  20. Tidal
    Jay-Z released a subscription based music service to combat Spotify and ITunes and claims to pay the highest percentage of royalties to the artists. It has since been described as a social media flop.
  21. Ukraine
    A ceasefire was negotiated among separatist troops in the ongoing unrest in the Ukraine following the attempts at annexing Crimea by Russia
  22. Volkswagen
    The EPA discovered that some of the company's cars sold in the U.S contained software that was able detect when it was being tested and accordingly improve results
  23. Wes Craven
    On August 30th, the acclaimed horror film director known for the horrifying Scream series sadly passed away
  24. X-Files
    This year Fox announced the official renewal of a limited run series of the show
  25. Yuan
    The IMF officially decided to include the Chinese Yuan in their elite basket of reserve currencies
  26. Zayn Malik
    One Direction fans were devastated when Zayn abruptly quit the band this year