1. White Privilege
  2. Everybody Dies ft. Boobs & Incest
  3. Mid Life Crisis: Extreme Meth Edition
  4. Morally Confusing
  5. So You Don't Actually Have To Go Outside
  6. Troubled White Men
  7. Lol We're All So Screwed
  8. Another Under Appreciated Wife
  9. Our Problems Are Worse Than Yours
  10. It's Tough Being This Rich
  11. It's Tough Being This Rich: New York
  12. America is Kind of Weird About Football
  13. Morally Superior Liberals
  14. Cute Funny Dorky People
  15. Sexism: The Show
  16. Just Kiss Already Goddammit
  17. Let's Repeatedly Break The Law To Fix Our Mistakes But It's Fine Because We're All Beautiful Lawyers
  18. Thank God It's Not Ben Affleck
  19. The O.C on Shrooms
  20. Uhg
  21. Uhgggggg
  22. White People in New York
  23. White People in New York 2
  24. White People in New York 3