Inspired from the rumours of an all female version in the making
  1. Rosamund Pike: Danny Ocean
    I know that they already have Sandra Bullock attached to this role but I don't care, this is in my dreamworld and in my dreamworld its Rosamund
  2. Emily Blunt: Rusty Ryan
    For some reason she's the first and only person that came to mind, I think she's perfect
  3. Jessica Walter: Reuben Tishkoff
    If I made movies she would be in every single one
  4. Olivia Wilde : Linus Caldwell
    Her eyebrows won her the role
  5. Lupita Nyong'o: Livingston Dell
  6. Rashida Jones: Basher Tarr
    She doesn't take on enough fun roles, she's always the girlfriend or the voice of reason so I would love for her to take on Basher and have fun with it
  7. Retta: Frank Catton
    Duh? Retta is one of the funniest women out there and I love her
  8. Jessica Lange: Saul Bloom
    All hail The Supreme
  9. Gillian Jacobs: Virgil Malloy
    @gillianjacobs is seriously funny, and I would love to see her alongside Kate McKinnon. Let's make this happen folks
  10. Kate McKinnon: Turk Malloy
    Seriously, let's make this happen
  11. Freida Pinto: The Amazing Yen
    (Her character obv wouldn't be Chinese) but I love Freida and she needs to be in more big movies.
  12. Ewan McGregor: Tess Ocean
    I love Ewan, that's all I have to say.