A List App art exclusive and a culmination of my life's work.
  1. "Fake Bitch"
    A face swap with another picture of myself representing the fake person we put out to the world
  2. "The Grip of the Beauty Industry"
    A face swap with my fave on the hairbrush grip, representing the excessive grip the beauty industry has upon standards of beauty
  3. "Who is My God?"
    A face swap with a picture of an alien, representing the struggle as an atheist into finding purpose
  4. "1984 is Now"
    A face swap with my Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, representing how intrusive the government is into shaping who we are as people
  5. "Loss of Innocence"
    A face swap with a scared baby picture of myself, representing the loss of innocence this harsh modern society creates
  6. "Left For Dead"
    A face swap with a black and white picture of an old woman, reflecting upon our collective rejection of the elderly and aging"
  7. "Do I Know Nothing?"
    A face swap with Jon Snow, reflecting on our addiction to television, white men, and the Hollywood Industry
  8. "Bills, Bills, Bills"
    A face swap with Ben Franklin on the 100 dollar bill, representing how we are defined by money and worth