Some spoilers obv.
  1. Parks and Recreation: Food poisoning scene
    The physical comedy in this scene kills me, from Chris clenching his stomach to Ron slapping the phone down, this entire scene is pure gold. http://youtu.be/7pZGtLHoJko
  2. Lost: Juliet blows up the hydrogen bomb
    Uhg THE FEELS FOR MY BB JULIET http://youtu.be/3rBS0HTIsNY.
  3. Breaking Bad: Phone call between Walt and Skylar
    The acting in this scene between the two actors literally blows my mind to this day http://youtu.be/ekPJt9TuTYM
  4. Twin Peaks: Bob in the living room
    Actually the scariest thing I've ever seen on screen in my life, but not in a conventional way. Nightmares for days. http://youtu.be/c5WC0TW_0qc
  5. The Office: Toby returns
    I die every time I watch this, Michael's hate for Toby never gets old. http://youtu.be/NHh0rf0ojEc
  6. The Thick of It: Malcolm threatens Phil
    Hard to pick one scene from this show but I will always love the creativity of the swearing in this particular one. http://youtu.be/6NwvjPlcC3w
  7. Game of Thrones: Dany emerges from the ashes with her baby Dragons
    One of the most badass scenes in TV history. http://youtu.be/189NzdB1P14
  8. Fargo: elevator scene
    This scene is amazing, Billy Bob Thorton's acting blows me away. http://youtu.be/VrKbMRDHR7E
  9. Arrested Development: any scene ever with Lucille Bluth
    I could never ever pick just one scene of Lucille's as the best, she is my idol and one of the funniest women ever on TV. "I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it". http://youtu.be/4kVGNFYjTH8
  10. Friends: Chandler is stuck in the ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre
    No one on this show will ever be as funny as Chandler. http://youtu.be/FvJIbvm596w
  11. Seinfeld: Elaine on the subway
    Elaine is my role model for so many reasons. http://youtu.be/pnDjjtgYtMA
  12. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Nightman Cometh
    I don't even know how to explain how hard I laughed when I first saw this scene, getting to see all the weird things going on in Charlie's head acted out was pure comedy. http://youtu.be/OR4zefzP7d0
  13. The West Wing: butterball hotline
    President Bartlett is my favourite President and he's fictional. It was so hard to pick just one scene from the West Wing, but I chose this one. http://youtu.be/zQsvcs9IB8A
  14. Community: Troy's timeline
    I'll let this scene explain itself. http://youtu.be/f-jVbjtTKVM
  15. Bob's Burgers: Tina learns to drive
    This scene never fails to make me laugh, Tina is amazing and one of the best characters on TV right now. http://youtu.be/hZ_EKHGgWJQ