I was doing a Facebook purge and came across some lovely photos during my early university years(and some recently, what can you do) and thought I'd compile some of them to make this. This list is equal parts humour and self deprecation. Don't judge me.
  1. This is a good indication
    D67107fc cb7f 426d bfbf da4dca9e00b2
  2. If you see me on the street in some kind of new mode of transportation: Example A
    9543e0fd 1bc8 472b b676 90f5f0eefa3f
  3. Example B
    8caec5ee 815f 421d 825b 1dd1a9c4fdda
  4. Example C
    628ac163 08d0 4d35 a98c feeaff4b5962
  5. Plunked down on the bathroom floor without a care in the world
    Eb29659d 6a69 46f4 8c0a e71f4339b812
  6. If I make this face
    0af6d22a 8d11 4ac5 8abe f56a22cb85a8
  7. If I have the inability to make eye contact with the camera: Example A
    A8d0e3c8 c8e8 4c83 bb61 e410fbdde550
    I look like a ghost in this picture
  8. Example B
    D09c5c40 bdd2 49aa b4f4 016ff07d4ce8
    I'm on the far left, staring where??
  9. Surprise!
  10. If I'm running around the house with a stocking on my face
    Aea698a9 9775 43a9 93ec 973aa795e951
  11. I'm on top of a strangers car singing Destiny's Child and screaming "I'm Kelly Rowland!"
  12. If I (allegedly) take something cool from the club
    2a79b67e 6da0 4903 827e 372051c19d02
  13. P.S I get really good grades in school I promise