I was doing a Facebook purge and came across some lovely photos during my early university years(and some recently, what can you do) and thought I'd compile some of them to make this. This list is equal parts humour and self deprecation. Don't judge me.
  1. This is a good indication
  2. If you see me on the street in some kind of new mode of transportation: Example A
  3. Example B
  4. Example C
  5. Plunked down on the bathroom floor without a care in the world
  6. If I make this face
  7. If I have the inability to make eye contact with the camera: Example A
    I look like a ghost in this picture
  8. Example B
    I'm on the far left, staring where??
  9. Surprise!
  10. If I'm running around the house with a stocking on my face
  11. I'm on top of a strangers car singing Destiny's Child and screaming "I'm Kelly Rowland!"
  12. If I (allegedly) take something cool from the club
  13. P.S I get really good grades in school I promise