Movie characters with questionable morals that I'd still date. Don't judge me.
  1. Michael Corleone: The Godfather
    He looks damn fine in a suit and speaks Italian
  2. Colin Sullivan: The Departed
    A cop and a mobster? Very cute
  3. Mr. Blonde: Reservoir Dogs
    Look at him in that nice suit sippin that pop
  4. Danny Ocean: Ocean's Eleven
    So cute when he's trying to pull off a heist
  5. Magneto: X-Men
    Luv u
  6. Han Solo: Star Wars
    He totally pulls off that vest
  7. Peter Quill: Guardians of the Galaxy
    Gives Han Solo a run for his money for cutest galactic outlaw
  8. The Driver: Drive
    Only guy that can pull that jacket off with that much swag and hotness
  9. James Bond: All James Bond movies
    Literally a misogynistic dick but this isn't a list of suitable marriage candidates now is it