1. Existential Crisis Barbie™
    Comes with a bottle of wine and depressing movie
  2. Binge-Watcher Barbie™
    Netflix subscription not included
  3. Cheese Snob Barbie™
    Comes with a finely aged cheddar
  4. Day Drinker Barbie™
    Optional starter mimosa kit available
  5. Pale As Fuck Barbie™
    Be careful! Leave this Barbie in the sun too long and she gets bright red!
  6. Inappropriate Joke Barbie™
    Pull her string at an inappropriate moment and she'll make a joke
  7. Impulse Shopper Barbie™
    Comes with money that can only be spent on unnecessary things
  8. Student Barbie™
    Can't take this Barbie's leggings off, ramen noodles included
  9. Confused Barbie™
    This Barbie looks generally confused about everything