1. George Bush giving Angela Merkel a neck rub at a G-8 meeting and she is NOT having it
  2. This is former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien choking a anti-poverty protester to the ground
    This move is now referred to in Canadian politics as a 'Shawinigan Handshake'. Don't fuck with Canadians.
  3. I will always love this photo and the lack of shits she is giving here
  4. Just in case you were questioning Putin's rugged manliness, this nice photo op will clear up any doubts you may have
  5. I could honestly make a whole separate list just for Bush
  6. Horrified
  7. What exactly was McCain going for here
  8. Uhg
  9. George H. W. Bush puking on the PM of Japan
  10. Ted Cruz elbowing his wife in the face on live TV
  11. Boris Johnson wearing a bike helmet to ride a horse
    Safety first
  12. So many helmets, so little time
  13. I could make a whole list about Boris Johnson too
  14. Stephen Harper desperately trying to be the Han Solo of the West
  15. "I love Hispanics"