1. You just know how nervously sweaty his aid was when he realized he'd have to tell Putin they have to give the puppy back to his owners
  2. I found this from his long lost Die Hard audition tape
    Also I can't wait for my google search history of 'Vladimir Putin tank top' to come out when I run for office
  3. If you go to the Oval Office you can see Obama keeps skittles in the homemade candy dish Putin gave him for getting re elected
  4. Strut like you mean it
    What an adventure it must be to be the official photographer for Putin
  5. I found this from his Russian tinder profile
  6. This photo is especially fascinating because you can finally see him learning to love again after he had to give the puppy back
  7. I hear they call him the Russian Michael Phelps
    Side note: my friend just told me this was her friend's cover photo on fb and the caption was "if you're a bird, I'm a bird" and I've actually never laughed so hard in my entire life
  8. 'Stars.. They're just like us! They love swimming with dolphins!!'
  9. You just know Angela Merkel sees pictures like this and she has to get her eyes surgically rolled back forwards
    I'm definitely on a Canadian government watchlist now for googling 'Putin shirtless'