1. When I've been at the library for 8 hours straight for the 7th day in a row
  2. When I call my mom for the 3rd time that day to complain and she says she can't talk because she's making dinner
  3. What I repeat to myself while in the library
  4. When I realize I haven't washed mr hair in 4 days
  5. When my professor recommends that I start my paper 2 months early
  6. When my roommates move out
  7. Listening to people chat about what they studied while we're all waiting to go sit an exam
  8. When I come home to my mom's house after exams
  9. When my roommate is watching a movie with a cute guy in our living room but I want a snack from the kitchen
  10. When I get drunk for the first time after exams
  11. When the proctor says there's 5 minutes left of the exam and I still have 2 questions to answer
  12. Bonus: my prof when I ask for advice on a question in the exam and they don't answer because they aren't allowed to help