She's honestly the worst
  1. That time she dramatically slapped one of her friends to shut her up when she was ranting about something stupid
  2. The multiple times she's sassed cops
  3. That time she told someone she hated them when she first met them because their outfit was too nice
  4. That time she chugged all of the vodka
  5. That time she ditched her friend to get pizza
  6. That time she told her friend the surprise gift her boyfriend was giving to her the next day
  7. That time she made her friends leave her alone at the Frat party and got mad when they came back to save her
  8. That time she kissed the boy her friend liked
  9. That time her mistake got her friend banned from the curling club her and her parents go to
  10. Every time she goes to sleep without putting water by the bed
  11. That time she yelled at her friends because they wouldn't let her drunk drive because she didn't believe she was drunk (she was)
  12. That time she stole all of the flower pots off of that nice lady's front lawn
  13. That time she spilt a bunch of beer in her friend's Marc Jacobs bag (sorry Robyn)
  14. Every time she ignores her upset friends because she's drunk and having fun