Please judge me.
  1. Easily irritated
  2. Caring to a fault
    When I was younger, I once gave my lunch money to a homeless dude
  3. Hard headed
    I love dishing out advice but rarely take it
  4. Acutely aware
    My spidey senses are constantly on fleek. Hence, the easily irritated description above.
  5. Fun
    I'm fun. 🍸
  6. A good, but not great, listener
    I enjoy hearing what folks have to say but sometimes spend too much time preparing my response instead of being fully engaged. I'm working on improving my active listening skills.
  7. Politically opinionated
    Yes, I'm that person.
  8. Easily amused
  9. Work In Progress
    I accept and acknowledge my faults and I'm working on becoming a better version of myself on the daily.