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    If I learned anything from this experience it's that communication is SO important. 👍🏾Communication is something I struggle with sometimes because I hate conflict in my relationships. I am thankful I was able to learn from this experience.
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    Being able to watch yourself during a crazy time in your life is so valuable, not easy at all, but valuable. We get so many nasty comments and unsolicited advice on social media. It makes it that much more stressful when watching the show. 😔
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    I was actually really nervous to go back to my hometown. Greenville, SC has a lot of cute places I always imagined I would be able to show my husband, but we didn't have time to see them all. It's a great little town, check it out if you're ever in the area!
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    Seeing my mom was a highlight. Even though I was a bit embarrassed by my baby pictures. I had huge ears as a child 😂👂🏾
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    Ashley and Robbie are such a great couple. That was a period in our process where we really needed to hear that other couples go through bumps also. No couple or marriage is perfect.
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    Painting was a lot of fun! I got lost on my way there 😂 but when I finally arrived we had such a great time. I'm sure you'll see the painting again. It was nice to do something hands on and artistic as a couple.
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    Taking to Nola to training was my idea and I thought it was important to make Tres feel comfortable. Having a dog in this process is not easy at all. It's yet another issue to sort out with a stranger. But Nola learned some great things and is happier today 🐶
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    The Dorito taco salad was yummy! I enjoyed seeing that my husband could manage in the kitchen. He did a great job and really is a pro at that recipe. 😉
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    Greg was such a pleasure. Having a marriage with a strong spiritual bond is important to me. I spoke about wanting to be able to go to church and praying together. I'm really thankful for that conversation. 🙌🏾 our wedding album was a nice surprise also.
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    I really hate being portrayed as a brat. It's not who I am and I worked hard at our process. Of course I am not perfect and don't claim to be. There's always more you don't see and conversations that aren't filmed. I love tweeting during the show, but it really hurts my heart to see everyone ganging up on the women of MAFS.