1. Logan always looks amazing!!
  2. This champagne may not be strong enough lol NERVES!!
  3. Is this what my voice sounds like lol aaahhh!
  4. How does Dr. Cilona keep his hair so perfect?
  5. David had the best bachelor party... Pink wig wins!
  6. This guy Neil is hilarious
  7. Ashley's frenchie is way too cute :)
  8. Did I really say that?! 😖
  9. Sam is confident and quirky ... She'll be fun to watch!
  10. I love Ashley's curly hair ... Natural beauty
  11. Why am I so nervous?! I know what happens lol
  12. If you only knew how heavy that dress was lol
  13. My face when I'm left at the alter lol this is not the time for surprises 😳👰🏾👀
  14. Next Tuesday can't come soon enough 😩😩
  15. Watching with friends made this sooo much easier ☺️