This was extremely difficult and I also failed so um yeah
  1. I got a haircut today
    Actually nvm this was not happy moment because I'm awkward and can't carry a conversation, and I also have extremely poor vision so I have no idea what I look like when I'm being cut or what the barber looks like and that makes me uncomfortable. I also have a weirdly shaped head and I feel like the barber is judging me while she shaves the weird curvatures of my skull. Thanks mother for not giving me proper pillows and affecting the shape of my moldable skull that will haunt me til death
  2. I ate lasagna
    I know I should be grateful for the food I am given but I actually hate lasagna! Well I guess lasagna can be good sometimes but I hate freezer lasagna because there's too much sauce and it tastes bad and it always burns or undercooked and it doesn't hold its shape at all!
  3. I breathed
    This is always a good thing. Unless you are a swimmer and don't want to breathe because that will slow you down and ruin your times, making you give up because your parents keep complaining about how they hate driving you to practice every single time until you are sick of it and just give up, and then regret it afterwards and try to return but find out that history is repeating itself except everything good that you missed about it before has changed. I gave it up and I'm never getting it back.