It started by wanting this black Telecaster body I saw on Warmoth's website. I decided to build my own to make it unique. I've begun collecting parts to build one more w/ custom JazzMaster-type body.
  1. Custom Tele-style guitar - body and neck from Warmoth Guitar Parts. I finally have a "Tele"!
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    This one has a chambered swamp ash body with a glossy black finish w/ masked binding; Telecaster maple neck with a Pau Ferro fingerboard, 1-11/16” nut width, 10-16” compound radius, and size 6150 frets; Seymour Duncan Tele pickups wired in both parallel and series w/ a 4-way switch.
  2. Telecaster/G & L SC2 Hybrid - body and neck custom-ordered from Warmoth.
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    I have an early version of a G &L SC-2 from 1982 when George Fullerton and Leo Fender still owned the company. I've used it for over 30 years and love it. I wanted to put the G & L bridge and their MFD pickups on a Tele body so I built this G & L/Tele hybrid which I call a Gianelli. Body: Solid swamp ash with forearm contour and transparent butterscotch blonde finish with a G & L bridge. Neck: One-piece maple neck/fingerboard, 1-5/8" nut width, 9" straight radius, size 6150 frets, vintage tint w/ Satin Nitro finish.
  3. Les Paul Jr. body w/ Telecaster neck - body from an Epiphone LPJr. and Tele neck from Warmoth)
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    Body: Solid mahogany Les Paul Jr. w/ Schaller bridge. Neck: Maple Tele neck w/ Brazilian rosewood fingerboard; nut width 1–5/8"; 10-14" compound radius. (Shims were required to make Tele neck work in Gibson neck pocket.) Neck pickup: DiMarzio Virtual P90 humbucker; Bridge pickup: Gibson P90.