I'm sure everybody has some that they use or have heard used so I'm hoping people will add to this list. These are some that have been being used in our family for years. What are some of yours?
  1. Traptured
    My daughter, Aliza, coined this when she was very young and I chased her into a corner and she yelled out "Help, I'm traptured!"
  2. Gription
    A friend's kid brother used this term to describe how good the traction was on his new sneakers... "I love these. They have such good gription."
  3. Pocketchip
    At age 2, my daughter, Rosina, was splashed in the face while drinking at a fountain. Knowing I keep a handkerchief in my pocket, she reached out to me and said, "Daddy, pocketchip please."
  4. Foldry
    This became the term we use for laundry that is clean but not yet folded ever since my wife walked on the room years ago, looked at two baskets full of "laundry to fold" and mistakenly said "Oy, I have so much 'foldry to laund'."
  5. Putter
    An insult that is ambiguously offensive, basically means jerk. As a small child, I misheard what my parents called me and threw a giant tantrum, screaming "I am not a putter!" while my parents howled with laughter (obviously goading the tantrum further).
    Suggested by @sally