A possible glossary of terms that could be used relating to ListApp.
  1. I've been enLISTed.
    Being invited to participate in ListApp.
  2. Are you LISTed?
    Are you registered and using ListApp?
  3. I've been feeling rather LISTless lately.
    Can't seem to think of any lists to post right now.
  4. LISTen up!
    Check out my latest posting on ListApp.
  5. I've been blackLISTed.
    Posted a list but there were no "likes" or "re-lists".
  6. I'm going balLISTic.
    Being very offended and upset about a list that was posted.
  7. My fingers are bLISTered. (I've got bLISTers on my fingers!)
    Side effect of posting way too much on ListApp.
  8. This post is LISTing to the right (...or to the left.)
    Referring to the political leaning of a politically related post on ListApp.
  9. He/she has been shown to be a loyaLIST.
    Always "likes" and/or "re-lists" the postings of his/her friends.
  10. I'm feeling cannibaLISTic about the recent list I posted.
    I regret what I wrote and want to eat my words. (OK, that one's a stretch.)
  11. See "Listionary" for more ideas
    Suggested by @fats