Inspired by @desijed 's amazing list with the same title
  1. Andy
    This one quickly turned into a husband. He was about fifteen years younger than my mom, and despite being present for the nuptials at his parents' home in Bradenton, FL, I don't remember anything about him other than I noticed his name was like a guy in the BeeGee's (Andy Gibb), and when they soon divorced I accidentally referred to him as Barry Gibb, which made my mom laugh. As with all of these, I should probably ask Mom to fill in the blanks at some point.
  2. Scooter*
    *not sure this was actually his name. Maybe Scott?Skeeter? You see, my mom had three much older kids from her first marriage before she met my dad and had me, so after my parents split she was wrangling three teenagers, and I lived mostly with my dad, stepmom and younger siblings. Ah, Florida in the 80's. I saw her on most weekends and half of each school break, more or less. Anyway, this guy was a "mechanic" with an airbrushed van who was first her "roommate" and then her "lover" and then gone.
  3. George
    I remember three things about this guy: 1. He had a tomboy daughter named Ramona, whom I liked very much; she and I giggled all the time. 2. He had a waterbed in his guest bedroom. 3. He introduced me to Pink Floyd's The Wall on vinyl.
  4. Richard
    This on-again, off-again boyfriend during my middle and high school years was: (a) a Tom Selleck lookalike who wasn't afraid to walk around the kitchen in the buff (b) a college graduate, a first for Mom!; (c) a divorced father of two daughters around my age; (d) a big fan of the Doobies - musical and smoking varieties; and (e) husband #4. Last I heard they bumped into each other at a Wal-Mart in Land-O-Lakes and Mom "just couldn't stop laughing at his hair!"
  5. Fuzzy
    The nicest of the bunch, this guy was a straight(?) bear of a man. He got his nickname because his body was covered with hair. He had a successful tattoo business, and when he moved to San Francisco, mom wished him well and often took solace in the fact she could also move to San Francisco someday.
  6. (Epilogue: Mom's now happily married to husband #5, a widower who's - quelle suprise! - older than she is. They met in church and have been together since 2006, a personal best for Mom, and seem quite content to spend the rest of their lives in Sarasota... even if the theater companies there are scheduling "more and more vulgar plays these days.")