I had never been to Disneyland before. Now I'm good for another 40 or so years. (Props to @SwaberryPie for the nudge to post the list)
  1. Keegan
    7:40am. Parking lot. "Keegan, look out for the cars!"
  2. Gee/Jee/G
    8:13am. Main Street. "Gee/Jee/G! Do you want some [sunscreen]?!"
  3. Julyssa
    8:42am. Frontierland. "We are going, Julyssa!" (Name spelling confirmed by t-shirt)
  4. Ariella
    9:50am. Haunted Mansion. "Ariella? Ariella?? ARIELL— oh, there you are. It's dark."
  5. Focaccia(?)
    11:08am. Bayou Restaurant. "Ooh, Focaccia! Look!" (May not have been a child they were yelling at)
  6. Wendy
    12:25pm. Downtown Disney, Tortilla Jo's outdoor bar. "Wendy, two more please!" (OK, this was definitely not a kid, but rather my friend Thompson who knew we could each use another margarita, calling the bartender.)
  7. Amulet
    1:38pm. Space Mountain. "Don't drop your Fast Pass, Amulet! That's what happened last time." (I know what you're thinking, that in my tequila-induced state I mis-heard the word amulet as a name. But no, we were behind her in line and her name was definitely Amulet. Or Amelie. Or Ayelet.)
  8. Victoria
    2:50pm. Toon Town. "That is hot, Victoria!" (No, someone was not talking about this toddler's fashion sense; they were talking about a brass fixture — an amulet? — that adorns the side of Roger Rabbit's house and bakes in the Southern California sun at the eye/hand level of every 3 year old.)
  9. Eva
    3:24pm. Sleeping Beauty's Castle. "Ooh, look at the witch, Eva! Up there! Up there, Eva!! There!! Oh, don't cry, Eva." (Mean Daddy)
  10. Marco
    4:28pm. Dreyer's Ice Cream Shoppe. "Marco?! Marco! Green Mint Chip? MARCO." (This is the name I always give when I have the opportunity in these situations, but sadly nobody ever yells Polo anymore.)
  11. (End of list because I peaced out soon thereafter, earbuds in, listening to NOT DISNEY OR STAR WARS MUSIC at a very loud volume all the way back to the car.)