*Number sure to plummet, as I would swiftly unfollow anyone who made such a pretentiously-titled list **"Followers" sounds a little Manson/Reich to me (like Charlie/Third,Not Robert)
  1. Mary
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    I'm not kidding when I tell you how much I adored this late-80s NBC Saturday night lead-off hitter, 227 (followed by Amen, The Golden Girls, Empty Nest, and Hunter). Marla Gibbs got my attention on The Jeffersons, but earned my heart forever as Mary. I still like to think she might be my biological mom, despite all evidence to the contrary.
  2. Pearl
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    I aspire to grow old having my morning coffee overlooking/eavesdropping a front stoop, dishing shade and bon mots in equal measure.
  3. Sa(u)ndra
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    I love you, you slut with a heart of tramp. You should have 37 Emmys.
  4. Calvin
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    You didn't deserve Regina King's affection, and you should have listened to your grandma Pearl more often, but you have a good heart. And Regina lets you laugh in her vacinity, so we're good.
  5. Herb
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    Not actually a character on 227, but this name popped into mind for some reason so I'm going to honor the truth. And here's a pic.
  6. The Washington Redskins
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    I'm pretty damn sure Lester was constantly sporting this racist mascot on a baseball cap, and yet the internet seems to have been cleansed of any evidence. Good job, Internet. And Go Bucs?
  7. Lester
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    Worked in construction. Loved loungewear; didn't care much for Rose or Sa(u)ndra or shenanigans. A taller, hipper, grumpy Ricky Ricardo.
  8. Regina King
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    I know that's not her character name, but who cares what her character's name was? I mean, her name translates to Queen King. She was and is the bossest boss on 80s TV. I would intern for her today. Call me, Regina, my goddess.
  9. Rose
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    Boring. Nice enough, handy with a wrench I guess. But just zzzz. Here's a bonus pic of our stars (just kidding, Ms. King.)
  10. I said Regina King
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    If you need me, I'll be watching Jerry Maguire and Southland clips until the next solstice.