I can never remember these ideas when the time comes; thanks for bearing with me. And yes, I believe Halloween costumes should have at least a soupçon of scariness.
  1. Robert Durst
    As mute Galveston woman
  2. David Miscavige
    Modified Richie Rich
  3. The stepdad from Boyhood
    Hurling tumblers all night
  4. Resurrected David Letterman/Jon Stewart/Craig Ferguson
    But Not Jay Leno
  5. Bitter Herb
    Maybe fold in the guy from 1980s Burger King commercials?
  6. New Year's Eve
    You know her from the Garden of Eden, but she'll be eating black eyed peas and a human rib.
  7. Zombie Wheel of Fortune contestant
    Constantly buying bowels and solving the puzzle by saying Brainzzz
  8. Kato kaelin!
    Suggested by @dave