By way of example, I am back in L.A. this weekend, for a quick visit from my beloved NYC.
  1. Lyft
    It's like roulette, but sometimes you get a driver who's fun and flirty. Note: Uber drivers are older and boringer, from personal experience.
  2. Tinder
    Say hey to the locals in a casual way. Ten swipes and put it away.
  3. Local singles bar
    FUBAR is the closest one to my L.A. place. It's hit or miss. But can't the same be said for life? JK, have a drink/ogle and be sure to tip your bartender/gogo.
  4. Grindr
    Here's where we separate the gays from the strays™. This is realtime location-based announcing your presence. No turning back, those people whose messages you ignored last time you were in town are about to be back. They're probably not thrilled you ignored them. (Sidebar: @Ders808 does this qualify as a chunky graf?)
  5. ListApp
    Why not compose a list while you're waiting for the connections to be made?
  6. Facebook and/or Instagram
    Beware: this says "I'm needy, and might be ready to over-program myself with friends, rather than actually try to make a love connection, because I like the hunt more than the capture." And that's OK.
  7. Go to bed.
    Everybody knows your most meaningful connections will be made over single-origin coffee tomorrow.