From Noël Coward's Blithe Spirit. I'll check them off as I get completely off book. Thanks for bearing with me. UPDATE: we got there. 😃
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    She certainly had a great talent for living. It was a pity that she died so young.✔️
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    I suspect the worst. A real professional charlatan. That's what I'm hoping for, anyhow. The character I am planning for my book must be a complete impostor. That's one of the most important factors of the whole story.✔️
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    Oh, no. When I was a little boy an aunt of mine used to come and stay with us. She imagined that she was a medium and used to go off into the most elaborate trances after dinner. My mother was fascinated by it.✔️
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    Good heavens, no. She just naturally disliked my aunt and loved making a fool of her.✔️
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    Oh, sometimes she didn't do so badly. On one occasion when we were all sitting around in the pitch dark with my mother groping her way through Chaminade at the piano, my aunt suddenly gave a shrill scream and said that she saw a small black dog by my chair. Then someone switched on the lights and sure enough there it was.✔️
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    It was obviously a stray that had come in from the street. But I must say I took off my hat to Auntie for producing it, or rather utilizing it. Even Mother was a bit shaken.✔️
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    Two sorts. Rather whimsical children's stories about enchanted woods filled with highly conventional flora and fauna; and enthusiastic biographies of minor royalties, very sentimental, reverent, and extremely funny.✔️
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    We have no reliable guarantee that the afterlife will be any less exasperating than this one, have we?✔️
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    An excellent dinner, darling. I congratulate you.✔️
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    Not recently, except my cousin in the civil Service, and he wouldn't be likely to want to communicate with me. We haven't spoken in years.✔️
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    I can't imagine why old Mrs. Plummet should wish to talk to me, we had very little in common.✔️
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    You must have heard that. One of you must have heard that.✔️
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    You mean to sit there solemnly and tell me that you none of you heard anything at all?✔️
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    Bring her round! It's dangerous to leave her like that.✔️
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    Get some brandy--give her some brandy, lift her into the chair--help me, Bradman! ✔️
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    But you must be able to see her--she's there--look--right in front of you-- there! ✔️
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    This is appalling! ✔️
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    It doesn't matter, Ruth; really it doesn't matter. We'll say no more about it. See, I've sat down. ✔️
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    Elvira, of course.✔️
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    Don't be so silly. What plan could I have?✔️
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    Elvira is here, Ruth--she's sitting a few yards away from you. ✔️
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    Try to see my point, dear. I've been married to Ruth for five years, and you've been dead for seven...✔️
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    Of course, my dear, I'm delighted in one way.✔️
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    Believe me, Elvira, I most emphatically did not send for you. There's been some mistake.✔️
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    You must find out if you are going to stay or not, and we can make arrangements accordingly. ✔️
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    I suppose if I'm really out of my mind, they'll put me in an asylum. ✔️
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    I swear to you that during the séance I was convinced that I heard Elvira's voice. ✔️
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    We were talking too much about Elvira. It's dangerous to have someone too strongly in your mind when you dabble in the occult. ✔️
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    Women! My God, what I think of women!✔️
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    If you wish to make an inventory of my sex life, dear, I think it only fair to tell you that you've missed out several episodes. I'll consult my diary and give you the complete list after lunch. ✔️
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    Once and for all, Ruth, I would like you to understand that what happened last night was nothing whatever to do with alcohol. You've very adroitly rationalized the whole affair to your own satisfaction, but your deductions are based on complete fallacy. I am willing to grant you that it was an aberration, some sort of odd psychic delusion...✔️
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    ...brought on by suggestion or hypnosis. I was stone cold sober from first to last and extremely upset into the bargain. ✔️
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    You behaved with a stolid, obtuse lack of comprehension that frankly shocked me! ✔️
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    How can I control myself in the face of your idiotic damned stubbornness? It's giving me claustrophobia. ✔️
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    I wasn't pretending--I really did believe that I saw Elvira, and when I heard her voice I was appalled. ✔️
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    When I saw her I had the shock of my life. That's why I dropped the glass. ✔️
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    Exactly; there is something wrong with me. Something fundamentally wrong with me. That's why I've been imploring your sympathy and all I got was a sterile temperance lecture.✔️
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    I know I should know if I had anything like that.✔️
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    Never mind about that now. I tell you she's here again.✔️
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    Please mind your own business.✔️
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    You're wrong--you're dead wrong! I haven't been in the least furtive--I--✔️
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    You're utterly heartless!✔️
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    I was not talking to you! I was talking to Elvira.✔️
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    Well, you must make me a promise that in future you only come and talk to me when I'm alone.✔️
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    I don't mean to be rude, but you must see--✔️
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    How could you expect anyone to believe this?✔️
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    Yes, dear--But, my dear-- you do?✔️
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    Will you please be quiet?✔️
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    Ruth dear, listen--✔️
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    I'll deal with you later.✔️
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    What are you up to?✔️
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    No Ruth, you're wrong--✔️
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    Help me--you must help me--/I can. Listen, Ruth--/If I promise to go to bed, will you let me stay here for five minutes longer?/Bear with me for just five minutes longer.✔️
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    Sit down/Now listen, listen very carefully--/I don't want a cigarette./ Ruth I want to explain to you clearly and without emotion that beyond any shadow of a doubt, the ghost or shade or whatever you want to call it of my first wife Elvira is in this room now./I know you don't believe it and are trying valiantly to humor me, ...✔️
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    ...but I intend to prove it to you.✔️
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    Oh god!/ promise you'll do what I ask?/ Ruth-you see that bowl of flowers on the table?/You may not. /Elvira will now carry that bowl of flowers to the mantelpiece and back again. You will, Elvira, won't you? Just to please me?/Please!/Now Ruth--watch carefully!/Go on Elvira-take it to the mantelpiece and back again.✔️
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    It isn't--I swear it isn't. Elvira--do something else for gods sake!✔️
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    Don't be so silly. / you must believe, you must--/that was Elvira, I swear it was. / Ruth please --✔️